Your Opportunity To Be A Broadcaster

AJK Radio, was launched for the sole purpose of doing thing differently to other stations. It started as a hobby, set up for the station manager's autistic son. As we enter the third broadcast year, we want ‘friends’ of the station to join us! We want YOU to be a radio presenter!

The home hub and our new remote voice tracking kit are now available for presenters old and new to broadcast from the comfort of your own home on our internet radio station. 

If you are already a broadcaster

We will provide the portal to access our RVT system to enable you to add your voice links to our scheduled shows, wherever in the world you are! 

If you are new to broadcasting

We can help you get started in the world of radio. We can help you source all the kit needed to produce your own shows, show you how to set it up and use it and have ongoing training provided on how to get the best from your time on the station.

The kit includes: 

• A professional condenser microphone and cables

• A ‘mini mixer’

• Your own customised jingles 

• Access to our system to record your shows 

If we have tempted you, please fill in the form below! We would love to have you on board!

You too could become a presenter on our radio station!

You too could become a presenter on our radio station! 

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