Meet The Presenters

Alex Kelly


  The 60s/70s/80s, Dash Through The Decades

AJK Radio is the idea of Alex Kelly.

Alex has learnt his radio craft over the last 25 years via Hospital Radio, he has a passion for music and technology.

Twitter: @AJK_Radio

Trevor Richards


Lunchtime Buffet, Soul Searching, Off Piste 

 Born  into a family of music lovers Trevor Richards began DJ'ing at the age  of three when he was given a record player at Christmas, by the time he  fifteen he was already Dj'ing in youth  clubs and launched as a mobile DJ when he was eighteen.

Trevor worked for the BBC's Engineering division for over 15 years, but  he still found time to join his first Hospital Radio station, Radio  Whittington, (which became North London Radio) and presented programmes  to the patients and staff of the Whittington  Hospital In Highgate and the Northern Hospital in Holloway for over  four years until he moved out of the area.

Trevor joined 'Radio Barnet' in 1984 at Barnet General and spent  eighteen years presenting evening shows before family responsibilities  forced him to take a break.

In 2011 he joined 'Watford Hospital Radio' where he presented a lunchtime show until 2018.

Trevor joined AJK Radio in 2016 and has presented regularly ever since.  Join him every Tuesday Evening For “Trevor Richards Country”, every  Thursday evening when he goes “off piste” and every Friday evening for  two hours of Soul Music when he goes “Soul Searching”.  You can also find Trevor's “Lunchtime Buffet” playing back to back  music weekdays and with Trevor 'in-charge' at the weekends!

Trevor loves Cars, Music, Old Movies, Swimming, Cooking and eating! His  regular question 'Can we get any food here' is heard in pubs and shops  throughout the local area.

Twitter: @TrevRichardsDJ 

Carl Jorgensen


Carl’s Musical Experience 

Carl was born in God's country.  In honour of this England won a world cup he likes to think.  Music formed an important part of his childhood.  Mostly it it revolved around his brother playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath an his mum shouting "turn that racket down I can't hear myself think."  Despite this Carl developed an eclectic taste in music.  By the time he was a teenager he was listening to ABBA and Frank Zappa, although he didn't tell his ABBA loving friends about Frank and vice versa.  In the mean time he tried desperately to become the next Jimi Hendrix but due to a lack of practice, the right equipment and any discernable talent, that idea was put on the shelf.

As a self confessed music horder,  Carl ended up with a record and CD collection that, in his own words, "contains at least one thing that everyone will love and one thing that will drive people to pick up the nearest heavy blunt instrument to smash up the music system."  Despite years of counselling and aversion therapy, no cure has been found for his affliction.

Twitter: @CarlJorgensen

Justin Beattie


 Jukebox Jams, The Breakfast Show, Rock Rampage


Mutli-award winning radio presenter Justin Beattie joined our radio station in May 2018 from The Pulse HR in Watford.

He is no stranger to the live entertainment environment as during the 90s Justin was both a live DJ and a lead guitarist in various bands.

His shows are usually made up as he goes along with very little preparation which can often leave the listener on the edge of their seat!

He can be heard on The Breakfast Show 7am-9am weekday mornings; The Rock Rampage 5pm-6pm Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri as well as on Jukebox Jams Thursdays 6pm-8pm.

He also recently launched a podcast which usually includes clips from recent AJK Radio broadcasts (click his picture to find out more...)

Twitter: @JustinRadio 

Paul Beavis


Decades Mix 

Hi I’m Paul and I present The Decades Mix Radio show every Wednesday between 7 and 9pm. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of different music and I have had a passion for radio ever since a young age.

Twitter: @ajkradio_paul 

Norman Ross


Lets Get Together


Norman became involved in radio in 1969 when he was a founder member
of Hospital Radio in Glasgow and Paisley.
In 1973 he became a Producer and Presenter at Radio Clyde in

Now retired he continues his interest in radio with a series of
programmes called “ Lets Get Together” which is a spotlight on an
artist or group each week playing 15 of their popular songs and
including a biographical look at their career.

He still presents a weekly show on Hospital Radio in Glasgow and
daily shows on Paisley FM in Paisley.

Adrian Rowe


Random Drive


Adrian is pleased to join AJK Radio and will be presenting the 4-6pm weekday drive time slot. Adrian has almost a decade of radio presenting experience.

Adrian's show concept is the Random Drive, this is because we all use different methods to relax and Adrian's is to drive to random destinations (sometimes with Patch the dog) with good tunes of course.

Features of Adrian's Random drive will include a 'dash of disney' along with random songs played in a logical fashion.. or so he thinks.

So buckle up, throw away the map and turn the radio up, for Adrian's Random Drive on AJK Radio!

Daniel Hawkins


The Timewarp 

Daniel started in radio on hosptial radio where he met Alex, Justin, Trevor and Adrian.

He has a wide range of music tastes, but, as they say, there is no accounting for taste! 

His mother says he has a face for radio.

His show is mixture of new and old, with an emphasis on disco, glam rock, 60s pop and 80s new wave. He also enjoys foreign music from yesteryear, and has some Japenese 80s funk, Finish 70s pop and 70s Dutch Glam in his record collection.

Daniel has been collecting Vinyl for over 15 years, but most of it is an acquired taste.

When not on the air he is usually found with his head inside a retro computer or fixing the code for websites.


Barry Alston


Barry's Sofa Session

Barry  does not believe in sitting in a studio to do his show, in the evening,  he likes to sit back with a brew, curl up on the sofa and select some  good music to listen to. On a Tuesday  and Wednesday, 6-8 pm he invites you into his front room to share his  evening’s selection for the Sofa Session.


From  time to time, he invites people into the front room bring their  instruments and play live for us. He does this for two reasons; one, so  that he can annoy the neighbours, and more  importantly, to bring you some great new music.


Barry  splits his time between South London and Yorkshire. So quite often  Tuesday and Wednesday shows come from different ends of the country. He  believes he sounds more relaxed in the  North; see what you think. 

The  show has a host of features including the quick quiz, the big long one,  the sing-along-sing-song-song, and “in concert”, sometimes there is a  theme but most of the time, Barry just  likes to pull an eclectic selection of music from his collection to  enjoy with you. 

Barry  has been involved in radio for nearly 35 years. Family legend reports  his first word was “wireless”, so radio and the sharing of music has  been at his core since an early age. Thankfully,  for him, he developed a deep voice, which has meant that from time to  time people like to use his voice for voice-overs and adverts. 

Barry is involved with  several Hospital and Community radio stations, both on-air and behind  the scenes, most notably “Radio Marsden” at the Royal Marsden Hospital  and “Hailsham FM” on  the south coast. He is proud to add his voice to the AJK radio teamxt presenter on AJK Radio