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Fundraising - paypal donation

Help us to help autistic people find a voice!

AJK Radio is an online radio station relying on donations from the public to sustain it's presence, rather than sponsorship or adverts. This gives the listeners an unbroken listening experience.

Fundraising is vital to our radio station. 

Any donations that we receive are used to purchase equipment for (and to train) autistic people to find a voice on radio, as well as licences, music files, streaming fees, building maintenance costs, etc. 

All of our staff are volunteers that give up their time to train new presenters and to broadcast their own shows in their alloted slots.

Each PayPal donation is gratefully received and every penny counts. Just a few pounds donated means we can continue to bring hope to people affected by autism. 

Supporting AJK Radio

By donating to AJK Radio you are  helping us to make a difference to the lives of people wanting to get into radio , but might find social interaction  with the outside world difficult.

Make A Difference

A small donation of £10 enables us to give someone affected by autism the gift of social confidence via the medium of online broadcasting. 

By donating to our radio station you are making a difference to the family of an autistic person, because we are passionate about helping autistic people find a voice. 

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